The Power of Crystalens Implants

While there are many different parts of the eye, the lens is arguably the most important. The lens is largely responsible for the quality of our vision. The light enters our eye, and the light is “bent” as it passes through the lens so that the rays of light will meet up exactly on our retina. When you have problems with your vision, it is likely that your lens is the problem. If you can’t see either up close or far away, the lens in your eyes is bending the light in such a way that the light is not landing on your retina and your vision suffers.

Cataracts are another problem affecting eyesight that also has to do with the lens. A cataract is caused by a build-up of a protein on the lens. This limits the amount of light that can reach your retina. The older you get, the more likely it is that you will experience problems with your eyesight.

The lens is able to change shape and move around so that the light will converge on the retina and we can see clearly. As we get older our lenses lose this ability. This condition which begins to affect most people in their forties is known as presbyopia and simply means an inability for your eye to accommodate to various objects.

When you have cataract surgery, a small incision will be made on the side of your eye. The lens in your eye will be broken up and vacuumed away. You will then get a new lens put into your eye. It is called an intraocular lens, or IOL—an artificial lens that replaces your current lens.

There are a few different types of IOL’s. The first is a standard lens – this is a fixed lens, which will stay in one place usually allowing you to see far off objects. However glasses are usually still required for near vision.

There are also multifocal IOL’s – these provide vision at a range of distances by using multiple visual zones. The problem here is that these zones are designed for near and far vision, so intermediate vision (arms length) may be compromised. As well as this, some people still have problems with bright lights and will often times see “halos.”

There is a superior solution. It is an accommodation lens also known as Crystalens implants. These lenses use the eyes natural muscles to focus on objects at various distances allowing the patient to see any object at any distance. Crystalens are the one and only FDA approved accommodating lens in the US. One survey shows that patients with Crystalens implants will no longer need glasses in 50% of cases.

If you want to find out more about Crystalens implants or have any questions about cataract surgery, you can go to or if you prefer you can do a simple Internet search for “Crystalens Implants Los Angeles.”


Effective cataract removal in Torrance

The process of removing cataracts actually involves removing the natural lens in the eye because of a protein build up that causes distorted and blurry vision. Dr. Khodabakhsh at The Beverly Hills Vision Institute in Torrance uses the most-cutting edge laser technology to increase precision and decrease recovery time for his patients.