Cataract Surgeons Beverly Hills

Dr. James Khodabakhsh at The Beverly Hills Vision Institute is one of the area’s best cataract surgeons. He uses the newest technology and most cutting-edge procedures for the benefit of his patients. For more information on the Beverly Hills doctor visit


Cataract Removal Surgery at the Beverly Hills Vision Institute in Los Angeles

The Beverly Hills Vision Institute, a leader in the comprehensive eye care in Los Angeles, is one of the best institutions to visit for cataract removal surgery.

Cataracts are a buildup of protein in the eye’s lens that typically occurs as one ages. This unwanted group of protein makes it very difficult for the person to see clearly. Cataract removal surgery removes that so to say damaged lens and replaces it with an intraocular lens.

Dr. James Khodabakhsh, director of the Beverly Hills Vision Institute in Los Angeles, has a variety of lens based treatments available as part of the cataract removal surgery process One should schedule a consultation with the doctor to decide which is best for you and your needs.


One such lens is the Crystalens, which Dr. Khodabakhsh was the first to use in the state of California. Implanted in about fifteen minutes the doctor liquefies it and inserts the lens in through a small incision in the cornea.

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